Join me on my ride of all things cycle related whilst supporting #rideforcharlie

About the 50 Challenges

The challenges, the challenges, the challenges!!!

The brainstorm moment was at a cyclocross race in my hometown of Newbury. I was discussing with a friend that I wanted to do 50 things before I was 50. She suggested I could get 50 women up to Greenham Common for a cycle ride. I then thought to myself ‘If I can do one cycle related challenge then surely I could do 50’!!!!……….and so the story begins. I thought long and hard about the cycle challenges I could do as well as needing to be realistic with time and money constraints. I managed to think of about 17 ideas then hit a wall. This is when I decided to use the power of social media and put it out there to my family and friends for suggestions. I got a fantastic response with some amazing ideas. If only I had a whole year off and unlimited amounts of money then I would certainly do them all………unfortunately I haven’t and the clock is ticking so I have had to go with the most realistic ones with a few in reserve ‘just in case’!! The challenges won’t be done in any particular order and some will be ongoing but I shall tick them off the list once they are completed so keep checking back. Some require volunteers so if you think ‘Oh I would like to be part of that challenge’ then please let me know and remember all donations will go to Rideforcharlie x

Here we go!!!

  1. Write a blog on my 50 challenges – Ongoing
  2. Get my 10 year old daughter to ride 50 miles in one go DONE!
  3. Master the track stand – Ongoing
  4. Ride a tandem with my hubby
  5. Restore an old bike on a budget
  6. Ride a long distance trail – DONE!
  7. Master a unicycle – Onging
  8. Learn 50 things about bike maintenance – DONE!
  9. Ride with a pro – DONE!
  10. Organise a fun cycle challenge for at least 50 children – Voulunteer children please
  11. Ride a tandem mountain bike on a mountain bike trail
  12. Help a local charity using your bike skills and knowledge
  13. Discover 50 historical facts about the Tour de France
  14. Gather 50 women at Greenham Common for some cycling fun and get drone footage – Volunteers please
  15. Master the rollers with no hands (and before my 10 year old daughter) – DONE!
  16. Ascend and descend a munro or furth with your bike! – DONE!
  17. Turn a bike (or part of a bike) into something else
  18. Master a penny farthing
  19. Ride a trike
  20. Do at least 50 miles at night
  21. Ride 50 Boris bikes in a day
  22. Master a wheelie
  23. Do Paris-Roubaix or similar
  24. Take part in a critical mass bike ride
  25. Get 50 friends on a bike ride to the favourite row of trees (in the homepage photo) wearing fancy dress – Volunteers please
  26. Teach some basic bike maintenance to newbies – Volunteers please
  27. Discover how to say bicycle in 50 languages
  28. Take one cycle photo every week for 50 weeks then on my birthday make a collage of them all – Ongoing
  29. Make a bicycle cake
  30. Make a piece of art out of an old bike chain
  31. Make 50 friends a small gift out of recycled bike parts and ask for a small donation for rideforcharlie – Volunteers please
  32. Jump over 50 cars and a fire engine on my mountain bike – DONE!
  33. Do the length of the Ridgeway with our 10 year old and wild camp along the way – DONE!
  34. Do a BMX track day
  35. Ride a 50 year old bike
  36. Bike 50 miles to Bombay (Sapphire ;-))
  37. Ride a ski bike – DONE!
  38. Pedal on water
  39. Ride the olympic mtb course
  40. Find out the size of Robert Forstermann’s thighs! DONE!
  41. Ride in a team car
  42. Teach a friend to ride a bike
  43. Ride a hand bike – Ongoing
  44. Help train a friend for a big ride – DONE!
  45. Get 50 ‘Queen of the Mountains’ on Strava – Ongoing
  46. Source a piece of cycling memorabilia
  47. Ride an E bike
  48. Experience the velodrome with my 10 year old daughter – DONE!
  49. Ride a fixed wheel – DONE!
  50. Ride a sportive of at least 50 miles in a foreign country – DONE!
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