Join me on my ride of all things cycle related whilst supporting #rideforcharlie

About me

My 1st racing bike was an Eddy Merckx when I was about 13. My birth certificate says Rebecca but I like to be called Bex (the former still seems too grown up!!!) I cycled from Bryce Canyon to the Grand Canyon to raise money for cerebral palsy in 2000 – it was one of my best bonding experiences ever. I have been a firefighter for 17 years. I climbed the 1760 steps of the CN Tower in Toronto 3-legged dressed as catwoman and attached to batman – it took 22 minutes! I love gin. I woke up early one morning and decided to ride up Stelvio Pass in Italy on my mountain bike whilst on my ‘family’ honeymoon. I’m 50 next May. I cycled from Newbury to Exmouth in a day with my dad for cancer – he was 70 at the time and had had his hip replaced – it was 130 miles – he is incredible! I have a sweet tooth. I cycled from Newbury to Paris for autism with my work colleagues. I also have a savoury tooth!! I ‘Ran the World’ in 1986 in Hyde Park. My husband is Dan. I have done 3 bungee jumps. My daughter is Maisie. I lived in Toronto for 2 years. I taught fitness classes for 10 years. We have a cat and a kitten. I was a children’s nanny for 12 years. I can’t ride a unicycle, I can’t ride the rollers no handed, I can’t trackstand and I can’t ride a penny farthing…………….but I hope to by the end of this challenge! 😉

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